The kids brought home souvenirs from every family vacation. Included were lucky rocks that the children found on their walks. They chose rocks of certain size, color, and texture to be put in the family garden.

There are good reasons why doctors are recommending real beef jerky to their patients. High in protein, low in carbs, makes Lucky Rock the ultimate snack. There is no processing of the 100% choice beef rounds used by Lucky Rock. Years of flavor testing different blends of sauces came to fruition with the five sauce blend you enjoy with each chew.

It doesn't have to be a holiday to enjoy Lucky Rock. Take Lucky Rock Beef Jerky with you to find your own lucky rocks on walks, fishing, hunting, at the gym, the park, or riding in the car.

The Zimmermann family have provided premium beef jerky to their relatives and friends to enjoy for over 20 years. A friend challenged Dad to enter the 2013 Noble Eagle National Beef Jerky competition and the family celebrated when Lucky Rock was awarded First Place by all three judges.

Lucky Rock Beef Jerky

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